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Chem Tek Labs – Amino Revolution

This N.O. Boosting BCAA’s benefits include:

  • Optimization of Pro-Anabolic Effects
  • Weight and Strength Gains
  • Dramatic Increase in Hardness
  • Libido Maximization
  • Serious Mass Gain Support

Product Description

AMINO REVOLUTION by CHEM-TEK Labs is the only 10:1:1 amino supplement you need for REAL MUSCLE BUILDING!

Not only does it contain the essential AMINO’s for building muscle cells and repairing muscle tissue, AMINO REVOLUTION is fortified with three of the most effective natural compounds for NATURAL MEGA-MUSCLE EFFECTS:

5a Hydroxy (5a-hydroxy-laxogenin)
25R – Spirostan – 3B, 5A – 6B – Triol
25R – Spirostan – 5A – Hydroxy – 3,6 – Dione

This is the best amino acid supplement that can be found. It offers the perfect amino acid combination to give your body the building blocks it needs to help your muscles grow fast.

Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins in your body. Protein is what your body needs to build muscle mass. This amino acid combination formula will help boost the levels of the essential amino acids that will create more protein in your body. That means that you will be able to grow muscles much faster as a result.

Watch your body take a LEAN transformation, giving you that perfect athletic look! The ingredients synergize to assist with powerful fat burning. The fat on your body is turned into energy that you can use to help you build muscle in the gym. You can increase the intensity of your workouts with the help of this amino acid supplement too. The amino acid blend works as a Nitrous Oxide booster in your body.

The AMINO REVOLUTION formula will help you prepare your body before you get into the gym. The extra energy, the increase in the amino acids and the extra protein will be transformed into the muscles that you are looking for. You will also notice your body recover from your workouts faster. The extra protein will help repair any damage to the cells that occurs during any exercise regimen. It will allow you to hit the gym more often.


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