Isatori – Amino-AMP BCAA


  • Builds lean muscle, prevents muscle breakdown, fuels your training
  • MethioMax initiates new protein strands that result in muscle growth
  • Turns on the mTOR muscle growth signal
  • Delicious, easy-mixing, sugar-free powder

Product Description

What is it?
It is an advanced formulated branched chain amino acid (BCAA) powder designed to help maximize muscle gains and enhance recovery and improve performance. Amino-Amp is like no other BCAA product on the market as it is the only product to contain MethioMax to amplify the effects of the BCAA’s found in the formula.

How does it work?
Powered by leucine and fortified by MethioMax, Amino-Amp utilizes the powerful effect of the branched chain amino acids on the process of muscle protein synthesis by elevating the ability of specific steps within the anabolic or muscle-building pathway.

What kind of results can I expect from using it?
Over regular use, you can expect to see greater strength, improved muscle quality and size, and faster recovery. The effects of amino acids are profound; however, since we do not add any stimulants or ingredients that cause flushing, or parasthesia, you will not feel an immediate effect like you would with a pre-workout supplement.

What’s inside this supplement?
It is a scientifically formulated blend of the branched chain amino acids along with methionine (MethioMax) in a precise combination/ratio to deliver the nutrients required to fuel protein synthesis. This optimal combination ensures maximal uptake and utilization of the most important process in all of exercise—muscle protein synthesis.

Why is this product better than regular branched chain amino acid products?
Amino-Amp has a specific dose of each of the BCAA’s necessary to optimize muscle protein synthesis. In addition, it packs the power of MethioMax methionine to improve the ability to rebuild stronger, thicker protein strands by providing the starting sequence of your anabolic processes.

Why should I use Amino-Amp?
There are 5 reasons you should use this BCAA product:

1. BCAA’s have been shown time and again as an effective tool for improving muscle protein synthesis, which ultimately will help pack on muscle while improving your rate of recovery.

2. Unlike other BCAA’s, Amino-Amp is fortified with MethioMax methionine, the key amino acid in initiating protein synthesis by its unique ability to provide the start codon for amino acids to bind to form specific proteins.

3. It’s a convenient way to deliver vital amino acids without the bulk of a full protein. It can be added to your favorite pre- or post-workout beverage or be consumed any time on its own. With two great flavors to choose from, it could even be used as a refreshing drink for intra-workout hydration.

4. Hundreds of studies have been performed on amino acids and more specifically on BCAA’s. Conclusive evidence has shown the value of consuming additional BCAA’s via supplementation for both performance and other health reasons. From a performance standpoint, the conclusive studies have shown increases in strength, speed, power, and endurance along with decreases in body mass, preservation of lean muscle, and improved time to recovery.

5. If you want to perform better, you need it. Moreover, you need the brand that exudes transformation, while ensuring scientific inquiry and precision to detail has been considered every step of the way, so you get the best product possible to help you achieve your fitness and performance goals.


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