Versa Gripps

Flexible, Self-Supporting Grip Assist

  • #1 Patented, Self- Supporting Grip
  • Secure One-Hand Grip & Release Movement
  • Comfortably Eliminates Grip Fatigue & Failure
  • New  Built-In Arch Support offers Carpal Tunnel Protection
  • Locks your grip in place for complete control
  • Made of Strong, high-quality Non-Slip material exclusive to Power Gripps USA
  • Quick Release Feature makes it safe & easy to release the bar
  • Ergonomically designed protect hands & wrists
  • Secure hook & loop closure around the wrist
  • Protects Hands from unsightly calluses
  • Ergonomically designed to protect hands and wrists
  • Innovative wrist support: a funnel-shaped design allows the weight to rest at the base of the hand
  • Superior Quality. Made in the USA
  • Excellent Wrist Support
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Product Description

Versa Gripps incorporates a unique stand-up grip making wrapping the grip around the bar easy with one hand, even over your head. Developed by strength trainers who demanded a product that exceeded the limits of ordinary weightlifting hooks, workout gloves, and straps. Used for pushing and pulling exercises. Proven to endure even the toughest of workouts. Versa Gripps provides excellent wrist support and are the most versatile fitness accessory on the market for men and women.


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